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Our Candidate Recruitment Process

When Browsing NRG Career Opportunities, Keep in Mind:

Our clients expect us to provide them with talented candidates that meet the requirements of the position. Most of our career opportunities are for experienced people in the Technology industry who are currently involved in their industry of interest.

We encourage new graduates to apply with the understanding that we only occasionally represent entry level tech careers. As your career progresses, keep us informed; your opportunities with us will increase as your experience level increases.

When We Find a Career Opportunity that is Right for YOU, the process below will be followed:

  1. Delivery of information, Quality Resume, References that really know you, Timely return of information requested, Performance Profile
  2. Consideration of the opportunity by you and discussion with your family, Read the job posting in full. Can you comply with the requirements, in full?
  3. You, the candidate, must begin to articulate a definite reason for making a career enhancing move
  4. Research your fit with the opportunity
  5. Develop your business plan, the opportunities presented and the challenges to overcome
  6. Prepare for the interview, make notes for questions to be asked and how to close effectively
  7. The interview, plan for the best time of day and allow ample time for focus
  8. Follow up within 30 minutes of the interview with your recruiting consultant
  9. Follow up with the company
  10. Determine appropriate next steps in the process

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