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Our Recruiting Process is a Partnership

The cost of a mis-hire can potentially be two to three times the employees’ salary, so we understand how much is at stake with each person that you hire. Leveraging our repeatable, scalable processes and approach consistently outperforms other generalized recruitment options. Our search process is designed to qualify and vet candidates that Can Do the job, Will Do the job and that Fit your company and culture assuring the highest success rate and retention model.

Best Talent and Fit

In today’s highly competitive hiring environment, ongoing collaboration between our clients’ hiring managers and our recruiting team is essential. This starts with an initial investment in time to establish objectives, understand obstacles and to create a precise strategy and hiring profile for each search assignment. A big part of why our success rate is significantly higher than our competitors is our emphasis on getting your hiring profile right from the beginning.

Our Success Rate


of Clients’ searches successfully filled




Industry average

Another reason our success rate is so high is our ability to develop a large pipeline of passive top performers specifically within our industry. Every year since our inception, 40%+ of the hires we made were proactively headhunted versus the industry average 22%.

Once the wheels are in motion, our metrics based approach delivers 3 to 6 on-target, vetted candidates within 3-4 weeks so you can be assured to find the best candidates quickly. We will continue the search until we find the person you want to hire.

Recruitment Process

  1. Hiring consultation – To find candidates that match the culture and performance objectives of your organization, we need to understand your organization and the position you seek to fill. We will work with you to understand:
    • History – The history of your company and the history of this position.
    • Current situation – The objectives of this role.
    • Needs – Why the position is available, and what you would like to see changed with the new hire?
    • Strategic direction – The goals of your organization, and the short/long term expectations of this role?
    • Best fit – Types of employees that are most successful in your organization, and the skills/experiences that would be an asset to your organization?
  2. The search – NRG will conduct an intensive search process that includes candidate contact screening, interviewing, and cultural fit analysis to ensure we are finding the most qualified candidates for your organization.
  3. Candidate presentation – NRG will present candidates that have completed the screening process, and match well with your needs and expectations. We provide an insightful summary on why we are submitting each candidate highlighting their fit for the position and potential areas that need to be vetted further.
  4. Selection – We work with you to decide which candidates to interview, and why. We use your feedback to better understand your choices so we can continue the search and fine tune our selection process.
  5. Candidate preparation and presentation – We continue to work with the candidates to ensure they have done their research on your organization, are truly interested in the role, and are ready for the interview. If we feel that candidate interests or qualifications have changed since the opportunity was presented to them, we may discuss with you about pulling the candidate from consideration.
  6. Client preparation and presentation – We help you prepare for each interview by providing you with the strengths, weaknesses, and background information of each candidate. You will be prepared to focus on target areas in the interview, and have the information you need to make an informed choice, and to attract the desired candidate.
  7. Face to face interviews – NRG will help you coordinate and implement your candidate interview process and schedule as required.
  8. Candidate follow-up – NRG contacts each candidate as soon as possible after the interview to evaluate their thoughts and opinions on your organization, the interviewer, the position, and their desire to move forward with the opportunity.
  9. Client follow-up – NRG will contact the client after each interview to review their desire to move forward and learn what information they may require from the candidate.
  10. Additional background info – Although NRG provides reference comments and information for each candidate as part of the initial presentation, additional information may be required due to the complexity of the role, or questions resulting from the interview process.
  11. Final interview – NRG will assist you in preparing for a second round of interviews and introduction to other decision makers in your organization.
  12. The offer – NRG will assist you in building an offer that meets the expectations of your company and the candidate, and will facilitate any negotiations (if necessary) to drive desire and, to help on-board each employee as efficiently as possible.
  13. Candidate resignation – Counseling is provided to each candidate to confirm commitment to your organization and avoid costly counter-offers in the resignation process.
  14. Relocation – If relocation is involved, we continue to work with the candidate to ensure the relocation and transition are going smoothly for both the employee and any family members.
  15. Onboarding follow-up – The first 4 weeks are the most critical for a new employee. We maintain critical interaction with both the candidate and the employer to ensure that everyone is happy, expectations are being met, and success is clearly on the horizon.

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